Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AJHL Update

Today I look to fix the identities of two teams in the AJHL that have the worst logos in my opinion. First up is the Bonnyville Pontiacs who at the moment wear replica Penguins jerseys and only use their primary logo on their shoulders.

Here is their current logo:

And here is my updated logo and uniforms. The uniforms are a slight variation on last years Penguin's Stadium Series jerseys.

Next up is the Canmore Eagles. Currently the team wears Winnipeg Jets jerseys with this terrible logo as a crest.

And once again here is my update for the team. Instead of a well known Jets template the team would use a similar design to the St.John's Ice Caps jerseys.

Both teams current jerseys and logos can be found on their respective websites(Bonnyville, Canmore).

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