Sunday, April 5, 2015

The End is Near

Today we have another concept from Jared Lammi. Once again he combines the tv show Sonic the Hedgehog with hockey. This time he says his concept will predict the Earth's future and save us from the end of the world.

Jared has made progress from his first submission on this blog. I am glad that he took my advice and starting using pre made templates, as well as adding actual fonts and numbers to his jersey. The only problem I have with the numbers and font on this concept is the gradient makes them hard to read. Another execution error comes from the stripes bleeding outside of the jersey. I hope you keep taking my advice, Jared, so that your concepts will have zero errors in them. 

I have one question for you Jared, on how you make your concepts? What app do you use on your iPad?

For everyone else reading the blog, I would be more than happy to put any concepts you have up on the blog. My email and concept requirements are on the side of this page.